Object 12-1 Collection by Matija Čop

Croatian designer Matija Čop might be relatively new to the game, being a graduate student, but his collection, Object 12-1 is a striking mixture of sculpture and conceptual fashion. Inspired by architecture and the chiseled stone material used to construct the Šibenik cathedral, Cop used one material that was laser cut into small pieces that were then assembled together using the “plug and feather” technique.

Each sculptural garment, while made from a contemporary material, utilizes similar qualities to a building being built from stone – small pieces that work together to become a new form. After three months of production, the dramatic collection shows striking works of art that might just change how we view the future of fashion.

fashion design laser

jay hong and palm trees, what a welcome 😍 <3

jay hong and palm trees, what a welcome 😍 <3